Overview/My Mission!

Hello all, my name is Moriah and I am a Junior in high school from Vermont.  I love reading and am very excited about blogging as this is my first blog. My mission is to bring fangirly stuff to the masses, and to brighten book readers days, and maybe even convince people to read books that will inspire them!   I am trying to do something weekly for each day, although I don’t do each one every week, including Fangirl Friday, Poem Thursday, Top Ten Tuesday, Showdown Saturday, Woman Character Crush Wednesday, Man Character Crush Monday, and Sunday Lowdown! I also do reviews, usually weekly, and a Quote from either a book or an author each day.  I have also started doing “Caught Reading” posts, with funny pictures of people reading in weird positions, with weird faces or reading books you would not expect, as well as A Bookshelf ~ A window into the soul of a reader posts.  I think that these are both really cool things and if you want to participate in them please feel free to comment or email me at mcovey@onsustudent.org.  I thank anyone who likes, comments on or follows my blog and I hope that you can enjoy it somehow!

This is a link to the video that inspired the name of this blog, its titled “Girls Who Read” and it is fabulous and amazing and I love it!!

Girls Who Read ~ By Roundhouse


1 thought on “Overview/My Mission!”

  1. Hello! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award…just click on the link for all the info you need to participate! https://novelsallnight.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/liebster-award-nomination/
    I’m loving your blog!


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